Prime Bee Academy

Welcome to the Prime Bee Academy. It's our mission to prepare beekeepers for a successful journey into beekeeping


This is a robust course that teaches from apiary set up, bee biology, annual management, bee communication, harvesting honey, making splits, managing space, and so much in between.

This is a timed-release course building up to Springtime.

Beginning Beekeeping Course Includes:

Setting Up Your Apiary

Protective Gear

Annual & Seasonal Bee Management

What's in a Hive

Hive Inspections

Installing Bees

Managing Bee Space

Nutrition & Feeding

Pest & Disease Management

Conducting Mite Counts

Queen Management

Preparing for Fall & Winter

Harvesting Honey

Making Splits

... and more!

Our classes integrate practical advice and experience along with bee biology, scientific research, and bee facts that will help you be a better beekeeper.


Coming Soon.

Our journey and experiences into growing an apiary as first generation farmers. We have benefited from some of the most knowledgeable beekeepers in the industry sharing their wealth of knowledge with us - we enjoy sharing our struggles and successes to help other beekeepers as they grow.

Course Includes:

Purpose-Driven Beekeeping

Beekeeping Business Overview

Revenue Streams

Scaling Through Splits

Beekeeping on a Budget

FSA Program Overview

Acquisitions & Purchasing

Building A Pump Feeder

Building A Honey House

Marketing Your Business

Technology Tools For Growth

... and more

This course gets into more nitty-gritty topics of how we've scaled our business without taking out loans. Working the business to growth.

Course available May 1

Our Experience

We have had the opportunity to learn from so many great beekeepers as we grow and develop our business. We seek out a variety of points of view, techniques, and practices and will try just about anything once.

We are compiling this information for beekeepers to use to grow their apiary or better their skillset. With a goal to continue learning every day, a focus on building a business with sustainable practices, and a practical approach - we've built our first-generation farm from the ground up.

Starting with a single. hive, growing to 80+ in the first year, and continually growing each year after that, we're happy to share the brilliant revelations and frustrating pitfalls we've found along the way.

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